Service Overview

Our management program looks at the big picture to provide preventative cost control programs, limiting employer exposure in the future and helping to control rising medical expenses today. Early identification of potential health risks provides the opportunity to reduce medical treatment costs and improve member outcomes.

  • Claims Handling & Processing
  • Case Management
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Claims Payment
  • Reimbursement Services
  • We Develop state of the art TPA approaches to achieve claims proficiencies and reduce the cost of claim administration.

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Other Services

Our success depends on our ability to find the best possible way that saves and improves lives while reducing the cost of healthcare for all.

    • Customer Services

      Customer Services

      LifeLine prides itself on a continuous commitment to excellence through the ability to work with the customer

    • Network Management

      Network Management

      As high standard healthcare is of paramount importance to LifeLine and its members

    • Overseas Assistance Management

      Overseas Assistance Management

      LifeLine Network provides saturation cover in UAE, GCC and SEA Region.

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