Who We Are


We are neither the insurer (Insurance Company) nor the insured (plan participants), but handle the administration of the plan including processing, settlement and conciliation of claims, record-keeping, and maintenance of the plan, The risk of loss incurred remains with the insurance company, The insurance company commonly contracts a reinsurance company to share its risk.

An insurance company hires us to manage its claims processing, provider network and consumption review. While some TPA operates as units of insurance companies, most are often independent like us.

We are the leading Third Party Administration in UAE & Oman, recognized by our customers as providers of quality services; we continuously work on improving them, growing into new markets and upholding our core values and commitments, while continuously maintaining our high standards.

Our Vision

We are driven by our vision and mission to provide satisfactory medical services all across the world, we are uniquely positioned to achieve our goal by providing the best solutions to the employers & employees which reduce the economic burden of costly diseases on health care systems worldwide and provide improved outcomes for patients.

“Our success depends on our ability to find the best possible way that saves and improves lives while reducing the cost of health care for all”

Our Mission

“Find the best possible way that saves and improves lives while reducing the cost of health care for all”

We aim to add value to people’s everyday health

Our Values

  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Caring
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence
  • Reliability

Why Lifeline TPA

What We Do

LifeLine TPA offers tailored services to help insurance companies / clients meet their exceptional challenges strategically, operationally and tactically.

With a clear understanding of the claims handling system, we develop matchless programs enabling the speedy processing of invoices from medical facilities to insurance companies, and arrange continuous and rapid payments to the healthcare providers (clinics, pharmacies & hospitals), obtaining optimal discounts on medical services.

Having gained vast experience in the area of medical administration services, our medical claims processing team achieves extremely competent and specialized cost containment.

We have the capacity to custom design and apply risk management programs. Our expertise and state-of-the-art claims management information system boosts our ability to program and manage different product exceptionally, helping clients reduce costs and achieve their risk-management goals.

We maintain a continued focus on our customers and their changing needs, by listening and conducting ongoing reviews of our customer service approach. We periodically review our internal processes in order to maximize efficiency of claims authorization and processing. we keep our systems up to date as part of our integrated solutions to clients ensuring that we are leaders within the filed

Our Team

Professionalism, integrity, adaptability, and dedication to service quality are essential qualities of all LifeLine team members. Presently, medical professionals comprise about 75% of the ever growing LifeLine team, contributing a wealth of experience and expertise in healthcare management. Our “dedication to quality and service” philosophy has been endorsed by every associate with us over the years and truly places us at “the heart of health insurance” in emirates.

The medical knowledge and proficiency of our staff enable us to control costs by wisely managing each individual case and checking needless expenses.

  • We lead with learning & expertise.
  • We have the most talented team in business with related qualification.
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